Couples Marathon Bridge

Congratulations are in order!

Chairpersons Barbara Blum and Ken Haley announced the winners of the 2022 Couples Marathon Bridge competition. The first-place winners are Mary and David Hickey. Second-place winners are Wendy and Bill Dorband. Third-place winners are Barbara Blum and Ken Haley.

Entries are now open for couples who would like to participate in the 2023 Couples Marathon Bridge. The format is that the assigned pairs will arrange their own games and report their scores to the chairpersons. Play will consist of 20 hands using Chicago scoring. Couples will be placed in a bracket and when the brackets are full, further entries will be placed on a waiting list to be used as the year progresses.

There will be a Bridge and Dessert Night event to culminate the season at year-end.

Club members wishing to participate in the 2023 Bridge Marathon can mail a check, payable to the Couples Club of Rossmoor, for $20 per couple
to chairpersons Barbara Blum and Ken Haley at 616 Shadowhawk Way.

For questions, contact Barbara Blum or Ken Haley, at 925-947-1394 or at