Originally named the 30s40s50s Club, the Couples Club dates back to 2001, the result of a chance encounter on a spring morning between two couples who happened to stop in at the former Creekside Cafe for coffee. As fairly recent residents of Rossmoor who ended up sharing a table, their conversation turned to a discussion of social activities in the community that might be of interest to couples in their age group. Together they decided to draft and submit an article to the Rossmoor News inviting fellow couples born in the decades of the 1930s and 1940s who would like to socialize to participate in monthly potluck dinners. The response to that article was so positive that, after a few potlucks, they approached the Recreation Department and officially formed the 30s40s50s Club with about 20 members.

At their St. Pat’s party in March 2002, the club had 40 members and it was decided that, with the help of volunteers, they would form a club Board of Directors and draft the club by-laws. Several smaller interest groups were also formed. By this time the size of the club membership necessitated holding meetings in clubhouses and it was in April 2002, that the planned monthly event committee first booked a caterer. As volunteers continued to enthusiastically, even competitively, create interesting and fun monthly events, the club continued to grow so that by 2006 there were about 200 members.

Today the Couples Club of Rossmoor Club has changed more than just its name. With a membership of almost 600 and a much larger number of constantly evolving interest activity subgroups, it has become one of the most popular clubs in Rossmoor. The purpose and organization of the club remain the same; it is a social club for Rossmoor couples to meet and enjoy shared interests. Volunteers continue to contribute time and energy to offer fun monthly events for members and to coordinate interest activity groups. The Board of Directors oversees management and is comprised of an Executive Board and Activity Coordinators who meet monthly to ensure the smooth operation of the club.