Wednesday August 15, 2018 5:30 PM

Couples Club of Rossmoor

“Night in Havana” was held on Wed, Aug. 15th

THANK YOU……The “Night in Havana” event was held last month for over 200 members and guests.  The food from the Havana Restaurant was delicious along with the Mojitos and Sangria.  It was a festive evening with good Cuban music. The committee members were: Sheri and Tom Lenz, Angie Dometrovich, Don Liddle, Merrie Bailey and Tom Hansen, Lou Aidukas and Richard Neuman, Elaine and Kris Kimball, Mary Jane Hargrove and Don Dixon, Linda Furlong, Lorrie McCurdy and Jack Vollmer, Barbara Blum and Ken Haley. Sharon Birdsall was the Board Information Coordinator.  Thanks for making it such a great party!