Sunday June 24, 2018 6:00 PM

Thanks for a great party!  Last Sunday the Bocce Ball and Italian Dinner event was a great success with over 160 attending.  There were so many members that made it possible. 

The committee members were:  Charlotte & Glenn (chairmen), Lilly Kite (Board Event Coordinator), Gail & Doug Todoroff, Pam & Doug Hipsley, Helen & Duane Carroll, Pat & Paul Jeans, Lynn & Gail Baird, Ann Cantrell & Chuck Sanderson, Sherrie & Allen Pedersen, and Paula & Dennis Krauss. 

The Bocce helpers were:  Sue Tillotson, Darlene James, Jill Reiner, Ken King, Dan Gonzales, Linda Furlong, Carl Pischke, Don & Ann Peterson, Merrie Bailey & Tom Hansen, Bruce Freeland, and Christy Casassa.  Everyone had a great time thanks to all of you!