Wednesday March 8, 2023 5:00 PM

Wednesday, March 8th at 5:30 p.m. at the Event Center
     The Couples Club of Rossmoor is offering something new and different.
It is an opportunity to meet and make new friends.
Members will be moving to different tables for different dinner courses.
Come with a spirit of adventure and a sense of humor.
Think of it as musical chairs where everyone is guaranteed a seat, a great meal, and a unique opportunity to meet fellow Rossmoorians.
Dinner will be catered by Classic Catering and will start with an array of appetizers to be enjoyed with either red or white wine and non-alcoholic beverages from the bar.
Appetizers will include deviled eggs, Swedish meatballs, and marinated melon with prosciutto ham and mint skewers

     After appetizers, diners will take a seat at their first assigned table where they will be served a delicious salad of baby kale and arugula with pistachio and feta cheese and a herbed vinaigrette dressing.
After the salad course, diners will move to their next table, where they will have the opportunity to meet three more couples.
The main course served buffet style, will be a choice of either chicken with artichoke, tomato, and mushroom ragout; tender beef tri-tip with cremini mushrooms and demi-glace; or vegetarian penne pasta with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese. Herbed wild rice pilaf will be offered along with bakery rolls, sliced sourdough bread, and butter.

     Yet another opportunity to meet three new couples comes with dessert and the final table, the dessert table, where chocolate-dipped macaroons, chocolates decadent brownies, and mini fruit tarts with lemon curd will be offered family style.
Tea and coffee will also be available with dessert, and red and white wine will be available for self-service throughout dinner.
During the evening diners will be entertained by soft background music that allows conversation at a normal volume.

     Attire is dressy casual and comfortable but suitable for a night out on the town.
This event is for members only and is $48 per person and $96 per couple.
Please make checks out to the Couples Club of Rossmoor and drop them off at the Couples Club mailbox at Gateway.
If you haven’t already done so before, provide proof of COVID vaccination with your check.
Get your reservations in early for this exciting new event.
The deadline for reservations is Friday, February 24. Participation will be capped at 160 guests. Don’t miss out on this fun-filled event and the chance to meet new friends.
For information or questions contact Ann Cantrell at 925-639-7970 or